The GMP Cable Pony is a hydraulic winch that often is regarded as the best winch produced by GMP. This universal winch is ideally suited to ADSS installations, but can be used in general aerial stringing work, conductor recovery and underground cable handling as well. In our ADSS installation blog, we discussed the use of the cable pony in ADSS installation. When installing ADSS cable, your team needs a winch that they can trust will provide optimal service throughout the job. Today, we’re taking a closer look at why the cable pony is one of the best winches on the market.

The Cable Pony is a rugged, powerful winch that is easy to position and control. With grooved double bullwheels to provide superior handling of the pulling rope, the Cable Pony provides constant maximum tension capability. The chassis, constructed of sturdy steel, is equipped with manually operated stabilizing props to assist when pulling. The Cable Pony has a maximum pull capacity of 2200 lbs. and maximum speed of 130 ft/min.

The Cable Pony winch is fitted with a semi-automatic layering arm giving the operator the ability to monitor the pulling rope being wound and make manual adjustments when necessary. The versatile winch may also be used for light rope retrieval work when the drum reel is mounted on the bullwheel extension shaft.

The Cable Pony’s power source is a Honda GTX 390 engine that drives tandem hydraulic pump. One pump drives the hydraulic high torque, fixed displacement motor mounted onto the bullwheel drive gearbox to provide constant, maximum tension. The sealed hydraulic oil tank is fitted with an inlet filler/breather, return and suction filters as well as an oil level sight glass.

Controls are operator friendly and very simple to use, giving the installer complete control over the operations of the winch. A spring centered lever controls the direction of rotation of the bullwheel, while a detented lever engages the take-drum drive. A control knob is used to limit the rope/cable tension using the panel mounted tension indicator.

The pulling rope can be stored on a demountable drum reel for easy storage. The drive for this drum operates independently of the bullwheels and provides a nominal back tension, which will always match the speed of the pulling rope.

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