Manufactured from stainless steel, the Microduct Pulling Eyes (70800) make microduct placement faster and safer. Simply rotate the pulling eye into the microduct to allow the tapered buttress thread to make the connection. The Microduct Pulling Eye comes with a lanyard as a built in installation tool and there are three different lanyard lengths for each size of the pullling eyes to allow for staggered microduct pulling.

Each Microduct Pulling Eye is sized to fit the microduct you are working with, measured by the Inside Diameter (ID) of the duct. Since the lanyard’s eyelet acts an installation tool, there’s no need to disassemble. The eyes are simple, rugged, and very easy to use with no extra tools required.

Microduct placement is on the rise as the ideal option to protect small optical fiber when installing fiber in the home (FTTH). The Microduct Pulling Eyes are a new tool from GMP built to make this important job safe, fast, and easy.

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