More fiber cable types are on the market than ever before and a contractor’s needs for installing are becoming more varied. The Whisper, adaptable for use with several different fiber cable types, easily meets contractor’s needs in an ever-changing market. For contractors installing at the end of an infrastructure network the Whisper offers unparalleled flexibility and is simple to use, rendering it a worthwhile investment for any contractor to the multiple system operators.

The Whisper was designed for microfiber cable sizes in the 2-8.5 mm diameter range. Now the Whisper can be configured to be additionally compatible with flat drop fibers with or without tracer wires from various manufacturers.

We suggest using a variable speed drill with an adjustable torque setting powered by an 18-20 volt battery. We further suggest a brush-less type drill manufactured by an industrial grade manufacturer.

The Whisper is the perfect tool for installing fiber to homes, multiple dwelling units, and college campuses, and can be operated by any contractor. Chris Gemme, the Manager of Product and Customer Support Engineering at CommScope, recommends the Whisper for installing microfibers because it, “works well, is easy to use, and offers value [unsurpassed] in it’s price range”.

For getting fiber to the home, there is no better choice than the Whisper.

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