GMP’s rugged universal stringing block features high strength and low weight at a value price. When you buy the block, you can select the adapter suitable for your application. With a 2,500 lb SWL, the block can be configured with 5 different mounting options.

Note: The item numbers below are for the block and the associated adapter.

These options are:

                                         The Ball Clevis (74142)                                                              The Y-Clevis Ball (74143) 

                                            The Ball Hook (74144)                                                            The Safety Ball Hook (74141) 

                                                    The Oval Eye Ball (74145)

To install the accessory mount on your block, simply follow these step-by-step instructions:The block weighs approximately 9.25 lbs depending on the configuration. The sheave has a 7 inch OD,  a 3 inch width, and a 4 5/8 inch root diameter. The frame and sheave are cast from A356 aluminum alloy and are heat-treated. The bearings in the sheave are the deep groove type with shields and they are permanently lubricated.

The block has an operating temperature range from -5 degrees to 250 degrees Fahrenheit.

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