Microduct overriding has become an increasingly popular method to install new cable in an overly saturated area that may not allow for new ducts to be installed. While the process is not new, it’s incredibly important that your team uses the best possible equipment to get the job done right, avoiding most issues that could occur during installation.

In Part 1 of our Microduct overriding blog series we discussed major pieces of equipment are required for the microduct override operation.

In Part 2, we looked at the Junction Box and the other microduct blowing accessories required for a microduct override operation.

In this blog, we’ll show you the machines and equipment needed to install the microfiber cable into the recently placed microduct. GMP offers a variety of cable blowing machines, each with their own specifications. The micro-machines we’ll be looking at today are the Breeze, AirStream and Whisper.

Breeze Cable Blowing Machine

Breeze The Breeze is an electrically powered cable blower that is designed to meet the needs of microfiber installation. The design provides quick and easy component changes for different cable or duct sizes. The Breeze is extremely durable, and its compact size and maneuverability make ideal for external or in-building use. The compliant, double driven rollers provide a secure grip while safely installing micro fiber cable.

Check out all of the Breeze’s features here: https://www.gmptools.com/breeze-cable-blowing-machine/

AirStream Cable Blowing Machine

AirStream This microfiber cable blower is designed to maximize protection for micro cables with a compliant double belt drive concept, backed by the latest technology in servo controls to provide precise control of torque and speed. Powered by double drive belts to increase grip, the AirStream can typically blow cable longer distances than the Breeze. The AirStream features safe, easy-to-use, ergonomic controls, but its key features are low maintenance and high reliability.

Check out all of the AirStream’s features here: https://www.gmptools.com/airstream-cable-blowing-machine/

Whisper Cable Blowing Machine

Whisper The Whisper is typically used for shorter runs, or drops. Powered by most 18-20v cordless drills (we recommend a brushless type for best results), the rollers control the microfiber as it is propelled into the microduct. An electronic monitoring system provides read-outs of speed and distance. The Whisper is extremely convenient, as it does not require an electrical power source.

Check out all of the Whispers’ features and accessories here: https://www.gmptools.com/whisper-cable-blowing-machine/

Micro Fiber Cable Blowing Air Compressor

Micro Fiber Cable Blowing Air Compressor The GMP Air Compressor is designed specifically for use with our Micro Fiber Cable Blowing Machines. This reliable and efficient screw compressor, powered by a gasoline engine, provides a maximum working pressure of 220 psi (15 bar) with 35.3cfm (1000 litres/m) flow.

The compressor is modified to include an after-cooler and water separator. The output air is filtered and conditioned to optimize the performance of our micro fiber cable blowing machines.

Check out all of the Micro Fiber Cable Blowing Air Compressor’s features here: http://www.gmptools.com/gmp/micro-blowing-machine-compressor/

BONUS: All In One Installation

Tornado Cable Blowing Machine

JetStream Cable Blowing Machine

The GMP Tornado and JetStream, used to install the microduct, can also be outfitted to blow the microfiber cable into the recently installed microducts. The Tornado can place multiple microducts or a single microduct at one time, whereas the JetStream can only place a single microduct. Both the Tornado and JetStream have a full range of components for various microfiber cable sizes and microduct sizes.

Check out all of the Tornado’s features here: https://www.gmptools.com/tornado-cable-blowing-machine/

Check out all of the JetStream’s features here: https://www.gmptools.com/jetstream-cable-blowing-machine/

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