Regularly scheduled inspections and maintenance on your Tornado Fiber Optic Cable Blower are critical to keep it running at peak efficiency. One of the most important yet overlooked maintenance services is the proper lubrication of the drive chains. In this blog, we’ll teach you exactly what you need to know to properly lubricate the drive train of your Tornados.

Many technicians do not realize that the chains should be lubricated each time the Tornado is used. This will reduce friction from the chain and help allow the machine to run at optimal efficiency.

We suggest the application of Metaflux spray grease 70-88 (the same spray grease that is included from the factory with your Tornado).

Metaflux Spray Grease 70-88

Follow these simple steps to properly lubricate the chains:

  1. Run the Tornado at about 150 ft/min (45m/min) without any cable or applied air.
  2. Carefully insert the spray tube from the canister into the red painted holes on the operator side of both the top and bottom aluminum drive castings until the chain can just be felt.
  3. Withdrawn the spray tube about 7/8 to 1 inch (20 – 25mm) and spray for approximately 1 second.

WARNING: Do not over lubricate, as this may lead to the drive belts becoming contaminated with lubricant. If contamination does result, thoroughly wipe the belts clean before attempting any blowing operation. Do not use harsh solvents. (This is based on normal use where the chains are not exposed to excessive contamination.) Never use WD40 or similar sprays as these contain solvents that will wash away the graphite lubricant in the bearings.

To re-order Metaflux spray, use GMP part no. 89153 at our website,

In addition to knowing the steps for proper lubrication of the drive chains, it is also crucial to maintain a proper maintenance schedule to ensure the Tornado continues to function at peak performance levels. While some maintenance, such as cleaning the air chamber, should occur on a daily basis, other maintenance, such as oiling the frame pivot points, need only occur every month or so. For a complete maintenance schedule for the Tornado, click here.

The simple maintenance service on the Tornado is necessary to keep the machine in pristine condition. Not only will it help to prevent down time, it will prevent lost revenue in the future.

Just remember… “If the chains aren’t turning you aren’t earning!”

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