The Portable Powered Duct Rod Pusher makes placing pulling lines or fiber cables in old or occupied conduits that much easier—even with fewer personnel.

Designed specifically to work well with our durable and high-performing 1/2 in. Continuous Duct Rodder (sold separately), the Powered Duct Rod Pusher hydraulically powers GMP’s 1/2 in. Duct Rodders into and out of conduits, pushing and pulling with forces up to 300 lbs. The Powered Duct Rod Pusher is able to reach rod speeds of up to 130 ft. per minute (40 meters per minute) and uses an electric monitoring system to keep accurate measurements of footage and speed in both directions.

Continuous Duct Rodder (sold separately)

A gasoline hydraulic power pack is included with the purchase of the Powered Duct Rod Pusher.

Power Pack

Each Powered Duct Rod Pusher features rod access areas to easily wipe the rod clean during pull back operations, and comes with a package of rod wiper pads to make this cleanup simpler than before. The Duct Clamp on the machine works with the Duct Mounting Clamp Assembly provided on the rodder cassette to help stabilize all equipment during use.

The Powered Duct Rod Pusher is mounted on a lightweight, tubular-steel frame that can be tilted at a 30-degree angle to the manhole, reducing the initial bending of the fiberglass rod and making for a smoother operation overall.

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