The MicroDrive (89850) is the newest offering in GMP’s line of drill-powered blowing machines. Originally designed to install enterprise-based, air-blown fiber, the MicroDrive exceeds installer’s expectations. The MicroDrive was designed with simplicity and reliability in mind, making the process of placing optical fiber safer and easier than ever.

GMP has increased the capabilities of this type of cable blowing machine, allowing it to handle larger cable sizes than before. The MicroDrive targets cable ranging from 3.5-4.5mm, and works with microduct ranging from 8.5-12.7mm OD. The machine is able to install fiber cable at speeds up to 300 ft per minute, with a maximum air pressure of 220 psi.

Similar to the Whisper, the MicroDrive is powered a customer-supplied drill. For best results with the MicroDrive, the drill should be an industrial-grade, brushless type, powered by an 18-20 volt battery.

The MicroDrive’s drive roller is coupled with a precision clutch that allows a user to dial in custom torque settings, making for maximum precision and control. Unlike counters on other cable blowing machines, the MicroDrive’s counter enables a user to view the readout of speed and distance at the same time. The MicroDrive can also be set to display distance in either feet or in meters.

The MicroDrive is outfitted in a convenient carrying case, and can be equipped with a family of useful accessories to maximize the capabilities of this small yet powerful piece of cable blowing equipment.

MicroDrive in supplied case

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