The GMP Innerduct Pressurization Test Kit is a vital part of starting fiber placement jobs. The kit is used to test the integrity of the duct before the cable is blown in. It’s extremely important to perform this test before each fiber placement to make sure there are no leaks in your duct run. Additionally, it’s a great way to test if walls of your duct are strong enough to hold the air pressure while deploying your fiber. The kit will also test for any broken or disconnected Duct Couplers

GMP offers pressurization kits for 1 to ¼ inch (weighs 15 pounds) and for 1 to ½ inch (weighs 17 pounds) ducts. Each kit is comprised of a pressure valve assembly, an innerduct seal-off, an end plug for sealing the opposite end of the innerduct, and a carrying case. Seal-offs and end plugs are also available for 1 and 2 inch ducts. 

The test requirements are as follows:

  • Couplings must be properly sized and fit securely
  • Duct ends must be cut off squarely and deburred
  • Duct must be fully seated into the coupler
  • Couplers should be installed in a straight section of innerduct
  • Compressor must generate between 100 and 150 psi (6.9 and 10.3 bar)

For more information and instructions on how to properly use the Innerduct Pressurization Test Kit, read the operational manual or watch our step-by-step tutorial video.

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