The Ramrod Powered Duct Rod Pusher (88900) makes placing lines in old or occupied conduits much easier and requires fewer personnel. This tool is hydraulically driven with a gas-powered pusher and is equipped with 1000 feet of ½ inch diameter toneable duct rod that can push and pull forces up to 300 pounds. In addition, you can apply a signal to the toneable duct rod and use a receiver to follow the path the toneable duct rode takes through the conduit system.

Eliminate the need for time-consuming setup and breakdown. It already comes set up on a trailer so there’s no need to piece together the powered duct rod pusher. The ramrod might help get any blockages in the conduits that get filled with silt and mud. This powerful and durable tool will eliminate the pure drudgery of hand-rodding. 

The Ramrod Package contains the Inner Duct Attachment Tool (89387) which forms a quick and sturdy attachment point for the Power Duct Rod Pusher feeder tube in a handhole or manhole. Now you won’t need to tie off a ladder or some other point. There is also an optional Duct to Duct Adapter (89383) which securely and safely positions the feeder tube in line with the existing occupied innerduct. 

Need to reach 1000 feet of 3/8 diameter? GMP has developed a version with a toneable duct rod material for such conduits that have smaller bending radius requirements and tighter radiuses. It has the same pulling force as the larger rod, and the same ability to add a tone signal.

The Ramod Powered Duct Rod Pusher is an excellent long-term investment. It’s high in durability and has a long lifespan. As an automated machine, it makes the process of rodding ducts easier, efficient, and less tedious.

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