The AirStream Cable Blowing Machine is powered by the newest servo control technology making it a top-tier cable placement tool. This powerful, single operator machine is easily operated to allow for safe and easy cable threading. Highly reliable and requiring little maintenance the AirStream Cable Blowing Machine is suited to reach a wide selection of cables ranging from diameters of 2.5mm to 11mm to make a wide array of jobs easy to complete. 

This machine features a tabletop design giving it such user-friendly ergonomics. It also comes with variable torque and speed controls allowing you to adapt to what each job requires. And it engages a double belt drive that is powered by the latest servo technology giving the machine precise torque and speed controls to suit each job. Digital monitors allow for simple monitor readings of the cable speed and length, while an auto-stop facility can be employed with air stone fitting.  

An integral air valve and pressure gauge make cable threading easy. The AirStream Cable blower is lightweight and compact making it able to be used in both outdoor and indoor work environments. It is a low maintenance machine that emits low noise levels making it a tool users will want to work with. The machine also comes with a polycarbonate safety guarding and a travel case for simple transportation. 

The AirStream Cable Blowing Machine was designed to make all jobs easy to complete for users. With the optimization of the latest servo control technology, accuracy and efficiency are highly achievable in every situation. 

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