General Machine Product’s Continuous Duct Rodders are essential tools for underground work such as cleaning and locating underground ducts, threading lines, and pulling cables. They now come in both standard core and detectable copper core. GMP offers the highest quality rodders because they’re made with tubular steel alloy, powder coating to avoid corrosion, inboard wheels for easy transportation, and hand-operated brakes to control payout. This makes them the best performing and the most durable duct rodders on the market. Various sizes are available to suit your needs for any job.  


GMP duct rodders have a good amount of accessories available to purchase as well. The best of these accessories is the canvas pouch that attaches to your rodder and includes all of the essential tools needed for repairing a broken rod. 

The sizes of these pouches coordinate with the size of your rodder. Other accessories include fitting repair kits, tapered heads, roller guides, flexible leaders, swivel couplings, sande adapters, shackle fittings, rod grapples rod grapple adapters, traceable duct rod locating receivers, traceable duct rod locating transmitters, sonde transmitters, and sonde adapterm 10 x 1.5 threads. 

If you’re interested in purchasing a GMP duct rodder, our shipping turnaround time is just 48-hours. 

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