Lashing wire is used to bind an aerial cable or a combination of cables to a supporting messenger strand, connecting all corners of the country by literally binding America together. Because America has so many different climates and atmospheres, lashing wire manufacturers have had to adapt. That’s why GMP offers 3 distinct alloys of lashing wire. 

Type 430 Stainless Steel 

Being low carbon and 17% chromium wire, this lashing wire was the norm for many years and is suitable for general use and in ordinary atmospheric exposure. It only acquires a dark surface stain and provides sufficient corrosion protection for most of the country. However, it’s not recommended for use within 25 miles of saltwater or industrial operations that emit pollutants. That’s why we also offer the Type 316 Stainless.

Type 316 Stainless Steel 

Type 316 is an alloy with modified 18-10 analysis containing approximately 2.5% molybdenum, was developed specifically for use in coastal regions. It is particularly resistant to putting and pinhole corrosion, something that is commonly caused by salt spray. Because it has much greater corrosion resistance to most chemicals, including chlorides and sulfides, and provides the best insurance against failure in severe atmospheric conditions, Type 316 is the go-to wire for most lashing jobs. 

However, if you need better corrosion-resistance than the Type 430, but don’t need the full resistance of Type 316, GMP also offers a middle ground. The Type 302 Stainless is a good compromise between Type 430 and Type 316.

Type 302 Stainless Steel 

Type 302 provides better corrosion resistance than Type 430 but isn’t as expensive as Type 316 stainless steel. 18% chromium with 8% nickel analysis, this alloy is resistant to corrosion from industrial atmospheres and has higher tensile strength and breaking load. Compared to the Type 430, Type 302 is easier to bend and unwind and has less chance of wire breakage from stress.

All of GMP’s lashing wires undergo a specially controlled annealing process that gives a uniform, fine grain structure throughout the wire length and cross-section, providing a highly durable and long-lasting lash. Wound in a straight hub configuration, the GMP lashing wire is packaged as 6 coils per carton for the customer’s convenience. 

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