The GMP SideWinder Fiber Optic Puller is the perfect tool to exceed all expectations when installing underground telecommunications cables. It uses a 32-inch revolving cylinder (capstan) in order to provide a regulated force to the pulling rope of tape to make the job more efficient and simpler to complete.

The controls of the fiber optic puller are very easy to use. A spring centered lever controls the direction of the cylinder and a detented lever is used for the take-drum drive in order to lock its movement. Also, the user can control the rope/cable tension with a knob on the panel mounted tension indicator. These features are put in place in order to ensure both user safety and tool efficiency.

The SideWinder is equipped with a commercial grade Honda GX390 gasoline engine with two hydraulic pumps. The first pump powers a hydraulic motor through a gearbox to the capstan, while the second pump drives the rope take-up drum through a hydraulic motor. The hydraulic oil tank is designed with double filtration protection, sight glass, and filler/breather.

There are two options that are available for order. The SideWinder Pull and Assist Winch (P/N 70605) weighs at about 1400 lbs. The Enhanced SideWinder Pull and Assist Winch with Electric Start (P/N 70607) weighs at about 1450 lbs. They can both be pulled by a standard pickup truck to make for easy travel capabilities. When towing, the capstan can be rotated through 90° on a swivel bracket and the rope take-up drum is removable and can be split to enable the removal of the rope. 


The Enhanced Electric Start SideWinder (P/N 70607) has these extra features:

  • An electric key start GX390 Honda engine located at the operator’s control panel
  • Quick disconnect hydraulics to allow the user to power object such as a hydraulic watering pump or a Tornado Fiber Optic Blowing machine

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