The GMP Whisper Cable Blowing Machine brings you GMP durability in a smaller package designed to save you money. The Cable Blower is compact in size and comes with a travel bag that allows you to pack up quickly and move from site-to-site with ease. The low maintenance design also makes this machine ideal for both external or in-building use. 

This Cable Blower competes in its market as it uses compressed air to install cables. The microfibers are propelled into the microduct quickly and controlled. The microduct is perfectly guided by rollers that can be powered by most cordless drills. 


Pictured: Whisper with optional tripod and user supplied drill

All of these parts work in tandem to get the job done conveniently and efficiently. The Whisper Cable Blower Installs cable diameters of 3 to 8.5mm and accommodates microduct sizes of 4 to 18mm. 

These machines are made to be single person operated and contain an electric monitoring system so personnel can easily read out the digital cable speed and distance. Additionally, this equipment is easily convertible to a flat drop unit. 

For additional ease of use, purchase any of these Whisper Cable Blower accessories: 

  • Bottled Nitrogen Kit
    • P/N 89742  
  • Whisper Tripod Mounting Kit
    • P/N 89945  
  • Mounting Plate
    • P/N 89947  
  • Drill Stand
    • P/N 89948  
  • Whisper Air Supply Hose
    • P/N 89949
  • Compressor for Micro Fiber Cable Blowing Machines
    • P/N 89011


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