GMP offers an extensive collection of affordable Line Blowing equipment, which ensures maximum durability and stability throughout the entire process. Line Blowing kits differ in size and contain a variety of accessories that facilitate the effectiveness and efficiency of the task. The versatility of this product is grounded in its ability to blow lines extending from 1 in. innerduct to 5 in. duct., giving the proprietor a mix of the right tools to accomplish the job reliably. 

Line Blowing Kits for 1 1/4 , 1 1/2 and 2 in. innerduct

More specifically, these three line blowing kits are bundled with all the necessary tools and accessories for blowing 1/4 in. line through a 1 1/4 in. and 2 in. innerduct. The main components that are provided with the blowing kit are a control valve, a ¼ in. rope adapter and a 1 1/14 in., 1 ½ in. or 2 in/ innerduct seal-off. The set also comes with a Chicago fitting to easily connect to the air supply, a rapid disconnect fitting for attachment to the seal offs, a solid and rigid plug to apply pressure to the ducts, and lastly, a protective carrying case to keep all your equipment safeguarded in one place.

Line Blowing Kit for 4 in. conduit

This compact kit also includes all the required elements for blowing ¼ in. line through a 4 in. Conduit. Just like the above Line Blowing kits, this also consists of a control valve, a ¼ in. rope adapter and a 4 in. conduit sealoff, as well as all the other important components and blowing tools mentioned above. 


The specific components included in the blowing kits, also available in different sizes, are the following:


Control Valve:


With this tool, you can easily control air flow with the help of a ball valve accompanied by a safety locking lever. Additionally, it is equipped with a Chicago fitting for effective connection to the air supply and a disconnect fitting at the end allowing the attachment of sealoffs. It also contains a solid plug instead of a rope adapter for pressurizing ducts.




Rope Adapters:

These tools are extremely useful for adapting a wide range of rope diameters to the control valve.


Innerduct Seal-offs:

Equipped with the same Buttress thread as our Pulling Eyes, these Seal-offs are inserted into the innerduct and can be twisted tightly for a strong seal. 



Conduit Seal-offs:

By turning the wing-nut handle, the two rubber plugs expand for a strong seal, and the equipment can safely fit into a duct.



Control Valve Inline Pressure Gauge:

The position of this tool, between the control valve and an innerduct seal-off or conduit seal-off, ensures accurate measurement of blowing pressures.



Duct Projectiles:

These tools are manufactured with molded rubber cones, which are positioned to a heavy-duty metal rod with fastening rings. Moreover, the Projectile can be easily blown through the duct with a hand blower tool. 


Missile Line Carriers For 2″ to 6″ conduit:

These low-friction plastic carriers guarantee fast blowing and vacuuming of 2” to 6” diameter conduit and can be easily removed from the conduit if jammed.




All our products above are available in different dimensions. Thus, we advise our customers to read the ordering information carefully to extract the best value from their investment and observe greater performance. 


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