At GMP, we provide testing and safety guidelines to ensure the proper execution of fiber optic cable placement. An integral part of the fiber placement procedure is the Innerduct Pressurization Test Kit, which can test the integrity and durability of the duct before the cable is blown in. As highlighted by our operation manual, the testing requirements not only serve as clear directions for the effective use of the kit, but can also help you identify leakage and other problems in the system. Additionally, the testing instructions can help you discern whether the innerduct does not hold the required pressure, which must immediately be repaired. It is important to test the sturdiness of the duct walls to ensure that the air pressure will be effectively held while placing the fiber.

Furthermore, GMP offers pressurization kits in two different sizes, specifically for 1-¼ in. and for 1-½ in. duct. In each kit you can find a Pressure valve assembly, and Innerduct Seal-off, an end plug for sealing the opposite end of the innerduct and a practical carrying case. The 1-¼ in. Pressurizing kit weighs 15 lbs., while the 1-½ in kit weighs 17 lbs. Moreover, the Seal-offs and the End Plugs are also available for 1 and 2” duct.

The GMP Innerduct pressurization kit manual also outlines the test requirements in great detail: These are the following:

  •  Couplings must be properly sized and fit securely.
  •  Duct ends must be cut off squarely and deburred.
  •  Duct must be fully seated into the coupler.
  •  Couplers should be installed in a straight section of innerduct
  •  Compressor must generate between 100 and 150 psi (6.9 and 10.3 bar)

We strongly advise you to follow all our safety instructions and procedures before using this equipment. Failure to do so could result in serious personal injury and/or property damage. We also recommend watching our tutorial, offering step-by-step guidance through the process.

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