A safe and sturdy work platform is important to assist the craft person through long and demanding working conditions. Our B Ladder Platform doesn’t only guarantee resiliency, but also prevents unexpected injury and fatigue that sets in after many hours of standing on ladders. As illustrated, our ladder consists of a 7 ply ¾ in. marine plywood seat, attached to a welded pipe frame. The spring actuated latches, which are positioned on the rear edge of the seat and the bottom crossmember of the frame, can automatically lock the platform to the ladder rung. 


You can rely on the non-skid finish on the upper face of the seat to protect against sudden slipping. The skidproof surface also allows you to change working positions easily. The seat can be used on all aluminum or fiberglass ladders with either round or “D” aluminum rugs. For added precision, the rug diameters may range from 1 ¼ to 1 ⅝ in. (31-42mm) inclusive. Our Model B ladder Platform can bear the maximum load of 175 lbs or 170 kgs.

To appropriately use the Model B Ladder platform, our specific instructions can act as a guide to proper installation. Once you raise the latter, climb on it and lift the platform to the desired height. Make sure to hold the side rail with one hand, place the lower hooks on the chosen rung and secure it in place with the latch. Then, once you’ve set the seat in a parallel position to the ground, snap the upper hook assembly into the right rung. To work from a seated position, grasp the side rails of the ladder above the platform with both hands and place your body weight on one foot to slowly turn, until your body weight is placed on the platform and you’re facing the cable. To be in standing position, grasp the side rails of the ladder above the platform with both hands again. Then, position one knee on the platform with the other right after and stand on the platform. Lastly, place your hands to the suspension strand in a careful manner and slowly turn to your working position.

We highly recommend that you wear a body belt and safety strap when working from the platform. Additional safety measures and precautions can be found in our How to use instructions, while Seat replacement guidelines are also available along with the general directions.


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