Our diverse line of Micro Fiber Cable Blowing Machines require a trustworthy and resilient Air Compressor to guarantee optimal performance. With a reliable and easy to operate structure, our screw compressor offers the highest working pressure of 220 psi (15 bar) with 35.3cfm (1000 litres/m) flow. 


The powerful gasoline engine of the compressor is another component that brings durability and fast results to your cable blowing activities. This line also includes an after-cooler and a water separator, both used to streamline the process and protect your machines from potential extraneous dangers that could impact its functionality. The output air is also filtered and conditioned, bringing success to your operations from start to finish. The output uses a 2 claw Chicago fitting and a 50-foot hose is supplied with the compressor for the best results. 



The package includes a 50 foot 3-4 in. diameter air hose, which is used to connect to the microfiber cable blowing machine.

The exact dimensions are as follows: 

Engine: Honda 21 hp

Fuel Cap.: 5 gal (20 liters)

Length: 42 in. (1070 mm)

Width: 31 in. (80 0 mm)

Height: 30 in. (780 mm)

 The weight of the Micro Fiber Cable Blowing Air Compressor is 487 lbs. or 221 kgs. For a comprehensive understanding of the machine’s usage, safety and responsibility instructions, design, installation and maintenance, please refer to our detailed Operator Manual. You can also navigate directly to the after-cooler instructions on page 121. For the visual learners, we also provide a quick tutorial on how to implement a basic field setup of the air compressor along with the after-cooler. 

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