General Machine Products employs some of the best in the business. Our outstanding employees help us achieve all that we do and we are grateful. We are proud to highlight our committed staff in our monthly employee spotlights. This September, we would like to honor our  Field and Technical Service Specialist, Michael Cantlin. 

  1. What is your role at GMP?

Field and Technical Service Specialist, in which I work closely with the sales, engineering and Manufacturing teams to support our products to the customer when they are having issues or problems.  I lead all technical support for the company along with handling the repair department for GMP.


  1. What drew you to GMP originally? And how long have you worked at GMP?

I came to GMP right out of college and what drew me to them was the company being one of the leaders in the Aerial and Telecommunications market.  I was intrigued by the company and was eager to learn about them and be apart of the great team that they have built here.  I have now been with GMP for 5 years.


  1. What is your favorite part about working for GMP? / What has been your favorite project so far?

My favorite part of working for GMP is being able to diagnose problems for the customers when they are either down on the job or don’t have the solutions for the particular job.  My favorite project that I was apart of was going on the job site with a customer that hasn’t used our product and installing over 6000 feet of fiber for them when they didn’t think it could be done.


  1. What’s something most people don’t know about you?

I have a passion for the gym.  I am heavily involved in CrossFit, I go to the gym 5-6 days a week and compete in local competitions in my local area.  It helps me strive to be better physically and mentally in my personal and work life.