Our comprehensive underground telecommunications product line includes the Penta Buster, a multi-functional and corrosion-resistant tool that can easily remove excess debris from areas around fasteners of external ground-level service boxes. This high-grade tool also guarantees enhanced security since you won’t have to rely on dangerous products to locate and remove additional fragments that stand in the way of your operations.


The Penta Buster is a trademarked product with rigid retractable teeth. This rigged surface can grind away debris with a simple flip of the wrist. You can safely pull the teeth back into their cylindrical receptacle for safe storage. 


This product’s versatility also allows you to remove the T-handle from the top and connect the base with a standard ½’ drive ratchet. Additionally, you can use this specific unit with our manhole bolts 84530 and 84531.

The Penta Buster is manufactured to work with all underground Electrical Utility Boxes, Telecommunication boxes, Water Valves, and Traffic/ Street applications. We also offer two distinct sizes of the Penta Buster, specifically a ¾ in. Hexagonal version and a 9/16 in. Pentagonal version. 


We would advise you to carefully read our ordering information, including the description and the weight of the products we offer. If you need further assistance deciding which version best fits your unique needs, reach out to our sales team! We are always at your disposal with a prompt response to your inquiries! 


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