PHILADELPHIA, PA, – October 2020 – General Machine Products (GMP) has recently added a groundbreaking new product to their line of tools, otherwise known as the ZIDS Tool (Zip Inner Duct Slitter Tool). The ZIDS Tool was designed to be the most efficient, safest, and convenient tool used for duct splitting seen in the market today. 

 GMP created this tool to give users a quick and easy duct cutting experience, being that the ZIDS Tool is 5 times faster than traditional methods.The tool can easily cut through half-inch pipe walls with minimal effort, as well as providing the user with an efficient method of duct slitting.The tool’s ability to cut in any direction and with a high speed of up to 25,000 RPM furthers the efficiency aspect, as well. The ZIDS Tool is patent pending in regards to the protective nature of the product that prevents fiber damage when in use, but the primary factor that distinguishes it from other duct splitters is the 5/16” cutting diameter, which furthers the value behind the ZIDS Tool. 

 The ZIDS Tool is available nationwide through GMP distributors, as well as being listed on the GMP website. The Tool can also be found on the Craftwork Tools website, linked from GMP. It is recommended that a router, corded or cordless, be used along with the ZIDS Tool to ensure a smooth operation of the product. 

About GMP

GMP began in 1936 upon being founded by George M. Pfundt in suburban Philadelphia, PA. The initial company was originally centered around being a specialty machine shop, tending to the telephone and electric utility company, and has since grown into a worldwide supplier of specialty products known for their robust design and proven durability. GMP is located in Trevose, PA today and continues to uphold their quality policy statement of, “GMP supplies defect-free products and services, on time, which meet its customers’ expectations.” 

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Contact: Marissa Bruette