GMP is always improving and expanding our product lines to better service our customers. Keep reading for more details about some of the latest innovations we’ve added to our offerings of reliable products and services.

Hurricane Cable Blowing Machine:

Our new Hurricane Cable Blowing Machine is not only one of the safest cable blowing machines, but one of the easiest to care for. Containing a compliant double drive concept, easy-to-operate ergonomic controls, and backed by the latest servo controls, the Hurricane makes it simple for users to have complete control while operating. With key features such as low maintenance and high reliability, the Hurricane is the perfect choice for cable protection.

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SideWinder 42 In. Capstan Fiber Optic Puller:

You will never want to go back to your old puller once you try the SideWinder 42 In. Capstan Fiber Optic Puller. The SideWinder includes a winch mounted on a sturdy all-steel fabricated chassis, a Commercial grade Honda GX390 gasoline engine, and an hydraulic oil tank with double filtration protection. When considering, we also have the Electric Start SideWinder, which comes with extra features such as an electric key start and quick disconnect hydraulics system, perfect for operating a number of add-ons, such as a hydraulic dewatering pump. 

GMP Cable Lasher Remanufacturing Service:

Having over 75 years of experience, GMP is the best place to go for all your lasher repair needs. We strip each unit down to its most basic components, regardless of their condition, and inspect the piece for any wear or damage. After replacing the rubber and urethane drive components, we reassemble and test each of the lashers to make sure they are ready to perform. With our new flat rate change, you know exactly what you are paying for when you work with us. Next time your lasher needs some revamping, bring them in and see why GMP is the best option for all your tired or damaged lashers!