GMP’s Micro to High Density Fiber Blowers are the perfect solution for your team. Our machines make your life easier and help you get the job done with ease and simplicity. Check out some of our products below and make sure to check out our catalog to compare machines and find which works best for you. 

GentleAir Blown Fiber Blowing Machine

With the GentleAir, you can depend on the same GMP quality that you receive in our larger machines in a much smaller package. The Gentle Air uses compressed air to install the cable. The rollers, which can be powered by most types of cordless drills, control the microfiber as it’s propelled into the microduct. The design of the GentleAir makes for quick and easy changes for different cable or duct sizes including the accommodation of microduct sizes ranging from 4 to 7mm. Due to the machine’s compact size and portability, the GentleAir is ideal for external or in-building use. Say goodbye to the days when you needed a large machine for a small job, the GentleAir is here to help. 

AccelAir 2 Cable Blowing Machine

The AccelAir 2 is the newest addition to the range of fiber optic blowing equipment available from GMP. The AccelAir 2 completes the range of blowing installation systems as it’s designed to suit the smaller end of fiber range. The compact, lightweight machine benefits from full automation and fiber management. Requiring only a single electrical supply and compressed air to operate, it’s no surprise that the AccelAir 2 is a must-have cable blowing machine!

MicroDrive Cable Blower

Placing optical fiber couldn’t be safer or easier thanks to the new GMP MicroDrive. This blower is powered by an off-the-shelf, battery-powered drill making it simple and reliable to use. A precision clutch is coupled with the driven roller, allowing you to dial in your custom torque settings. The MicroDrive offers a handful of useful accessories, including a battery powered cable speed of up to 300 ft/min.

AirStream Cable Blowing Machine

The AirStream is designed to maximize protection for micro cables and can be adjusted to suit a wide range of cable diameters extending from 2.5 to 11mm. Backed by the latest technology in servo controls, the use of a compliant double drive concept is able to provide precise control of torque and speed. The combination of low maintenance, high reliability, and ease of operation makes the AirStream single-person operation safe. Damaged cables are nothing to worry about when you use the AirStream.

New GMP Hurricane Cable Blowing Machine

Low maintenance and high reliability are two key features of the new GMP Hurricane Cable Blowing Machine! Designed with maximum protection of micro cables in mind, the Hurricane is backed by the latest technology in servo controls and is your fiber installation insurance policy. With a pushing force of up to 95lbs and a pushing speed of up to 279ft/min, the Hurricane can install an industry-leading range of cables with just one machine! The Hurricane is equipped with an advanced data logging system that measures speed, force, distance, GPS location and environmental conditions. With easy cable threading and automatic cable centralizing technology, the Hurricane is one of the best cable blowing machines on the market.

JetStream Cable Blowing Machine

Designed to provide maximum cable protection, the JetStream is the cable blowing machine for you! The JetStream can be adjusted to work with a wide range of cable diameters and duct diameters, making it the go-to cable blowing machine. Supplied with an electronic monitoring system that provides a read of speed and distance, protection against duct obstructions, and an emergency stop button, the JetStream is safe and reliable. If you are looking for a safe and effective cable protector, look no further than the JetStream.

Tornado Cable Blowing Machine

Looking for a safe, fast, and effective blowing machine to install fiber optic cables? The Tornado is the perfect machine for you. The Tornado uses compressed air to install the cable with or without a missile. The machine also includes an electronic monitoring system, providing read-outs of speed and distance to protect cables against damage. You will never want to go back to your old equipment once you try the Tornado!