Produced by GMP, the Continuous Duct Rodders are the best performing and most durable duct rodders on the market. With decades of in-field use on our side, this high visibility orange rod material proves to have the ideal combination of mechanical properties such as tensile strength, modulus, stiffness, and bending behavior. These duct rodders are essential tools for underground tasks including locating and cleaning ducts, threading lines, or pulling cables. GMP offers a variety of Continuous Duct Rodders, ranging in different sizes, tensile strengths, and pull strengths.

Toneable Duct Rodders:

GMP offers two sizes in the toneable duct rodders: one that is ⅜ inches in diameter and one that is ½ inches in diameter. Used to find, follow and accurately map the duct route, detectable duct rods do the job without digging or trenching. These rodders are used in conjunction with a signal transmitter and receiver, allowing for the easily identifiable signal to be transmitted along the entire length of the duct rod. Almost twice the size of the competition, the toneable duct rod has an AWG copper wire located in the center of the fiberglass core. Directly connecting the signal to the copper wire provides the most effective method of signal transmission. 

Continuous Duct Rodder Accessories:

In addition to the Continuous Duct Rodders, GMP offers optional duct rodder accessory kits that can be stored in a conveniently attached canvas bag. The duct rodder accessory kits come equipped with the essentials you’ll need to use and repair a broken rod. Standard rod kits, splice repair kits, and fitting repair kits are just a few of the accessories offered by GMP. Check out the full list of Continuous Duct Rodder accessories here.

Size Information:

In an attempt to satisfy everyone’s needs, GMP offers a variety of duct rodders in a variety of different sizes. Check out the table below to find out which duct rodder will work best for the job.

Rodder Sizes & Lengths

Normal Size End Fitting ThreadsRated Tensile StrengthRated Pull StrengthMinimum Bend Diameter
¼ in. (6.7mm)5/16-186000 lbs.-f (29.5kN)500 lbs.-f (2.2kN)9.8 in. (250mm)
⅜ in. (9mm)3/8-1610000 lbs.-f (45.2kN)1400 lbs.-f (6.2kN)12.2 in. (310mm)
½ in. (12mm)3/8-1621000 lbs.-f (95.2kN)1800 lbs.-f (8.0kN)18 in. (450mm)

Rodder Carrier Dimensions 

Normal SizeCassette Dia. in. (mm)Length in. (mm)Width in. (mm) Height in. (mm)
¼ in. (6.7mm)24 ¾ (629)21 ½ (546)7 ¾ (197)30 (762)
⅜ in. (9mm)33 ½ (851)35 (889)13 ½ (343)40 ½ (1029)
½ in. (12mm)45 (1143)46 (1168)18 ½ (470)52 ¾ (1340)

As an essential underground tool, the Continuous Duct Rodders have the ideal combination of mechanical properties. With such a wide variety of sizes and strengths, it’s no surprise that the GMP Continuous Duct Rodders are the best performing and most durable duct rodders on the market. Offering a variety of accessories, at a price that can’t be beat, this product has proven to be essential after decades of in-field use.