Cable lashing just got easier with our new Parallel Pull! Designed to increase downward focus on the drive wheels, this simple-to-use add-on can enhance traction by more than 30%. Keep reading below to learn more about this accessory’s features and how this piece can assist you with your next project.

Key Features

Our new Parallel Pull is designed to make your job easier! This piece comes with a sleek, streamlined design to eliminate snag points and reduce bouncing. With more than 30% additional lashing traction, this piece is perfect for lashing wire in wet or icy conditions. You can see how this piece works directly with our lashers in our helpful tutorial here.

C2 and J2 Lashers: 

We designed our Parallel Pull to work with our C2 and J2 Cable Lashers.

Our C2 Cable Lasher is compact, perfect for lashing aerial cables smaller in diameter or supporting strands with stainless steel lashing wire. Now available with new design improvements, the C2 Cable Lasher is equally suited for new construction or overlashing up to its full bundle capacity of 1 ⅞ inch. You can learn more about our C2 Cable Lasher here.

Our J2 Cable Lasher is designed to lash aerial cable up to 3 inches in diameter across any suspension strand from ¼ inch to 7/16 inch. With fast setup procedures, quick coil loading, and an automatic drum lock for easy span transfers and smooth forward travel, the features of our J2 Lasher make your job simple! You can learn more about our J2 Cable Lasher here. 


No matter the situation, our Parallel Pull is designed to make your job easier. To learn more about this useful and effective accessory you can check out our website or contact us here.
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