The fiber optic cable EZ-Exit tool eliminates damage to your fiber by easily guiding fiber optic cable past the sharp edges of a manhole chimney. The easy clamping feature allows the tool to be quickly installed in less than 30 seconds, reducing the total setup time of a fiber pull, saving both time and money! The tool provides a rigid, low friction shoe that guides fiber over the sharp edges at the top and bottom of a manhole chimney while maintaining a bend diameter of 45” to accommodate up to some of the largest fiber cables.

Features & Benefits:

• Quick install in less than 30 seconds

• Easy tightening and adjustment from both top and bottom

• Guides fiber cable through the manhole chimney, avoiding contact with damaging edges

• Smooth reinforced nylon surface eliminates cable damage and maintains a 45-inch bending radius

• Use up to 1-1/2 inch fiber

• Std. tool will accommodate 12 to 51-inch deep manhole chimney

• Extensions available for deeper manholes

• Quick and easy breakdown for transport

• Tie loops for holding the cable in place

• Carrying and installation handle


Length: 15 inches

Width: 14 inches

Height: 68 inches

Max Clamping Length: 51 inches without extensions

Weight: 39.20 lbs.

Working Load Limit: 600 lbs.

P/N 90060 Fiber Optic Easy Exit Weight: 39.20 lb (17.8kg)


If you want to protect your fiber, and save time and money, then this tool is for you!

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