February 2023 

GMP’s SideWinder Fiber Optic Puller has adapted to market demand and is designed to exceed the requirements of installing underground telecommunication cables and high-density fiber. 


Employed with a 42-inch diameter single capstan, the winch can be placed at the midpoint of a section to assist with the pull, allowing longer pulls to be achieved. Additionally, since the machine was designed with the user in mind, the SideWinder is operator-friendly and easy to control. To promote user safety, the operator station is a distance away from all moving parts. A spring-centered lever works to control the direction in which the capstan rotates, while a detented lever engages the take-drum drive. With these easy-to-use levers, it’s time to say goodbye to confusing and complicated machinery. 

Another feature of this machine is that the engine drives the fixed displacement tandem-mounted hydraulic pumps. While one pump powers a hydraulic motor through an in-line planetary gearbox to the capstan, the other pump drives the rope take-up drum through a hydraulic motor. It’s important to point out that the rope take-up drum is removable and can be split to enable the removal of the rope.


While it’s clear that the SideWinder Fiber Optic Puller is the best puller on the market, this machine also offers two optional add-ons to make your job easier! To create ease with transportation, there is an optional hitch configuration that can be used with the SideWinder to ensure a snug fit onto the hitch ball. Furthermore, there are four optional lighting adaptors for the SideWinder, including a four-pole (round) pin type, a four-pole flat molded, a seven-pole pin type connector, and a seven-pole blade type.

Hitch Configuration

Lighting Adaptors

Additional Information: 

With a maximum pulling capacity of 600 lbs. and a maximum rope speed of 262 ft/min, the SideWinder makes cable pulling easier for you! Not to mention, this machine only weighs 1,500 lbs. and comes equipped with F78-14 tires, making the unit easily pullable by a standard pickup truck. You can read more about the SideWinder’s capabilities here.

Tutorial Videos:

To learn more about the SideWinder Fiber Optic Puller and its features, check out this video. To get a better understanding of how this machine is used on-site, we’ve provided a demo video for you to check out! 

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