The GMP SideWinder Fiber Optic Puller surpasses the standard for installing underground telecommunication cables. This machine utilizes a 32 inch diameter capstan, which can be angeled to utilize a figure 8 cable. A capstan of this caliber allows for a longer pull by having the winch placed at the midpoint of the section, making the machine exceptionally user friendly.

Three levers are used to operate the SideWinder Fiber Optic Puller. A centered lever manipulates the direction the capstan rotates, a detented lever employs the take-drum drive, and a control knob is used to maintain the rope to cable tension ratio through a mounted tension indicator. Torsional suspension axles, stabilizing legs, and a telescopic jockey wheel and Lunette Ring Rinch enhanced axles make up the studdly, full steel fabricated chassis.  

The superior machine weighs in at 1,400 pounds, so a standard pick up truck will work for transporting the unit. Powering the machine is a Honda GX390 gasoline engine, which powers the fixed displacement tandem mounted hydraulic pumps. A single pump drives a hydraulic motor through an in-line planetary gearbox as a second pump drives the rope take-up drum through a hydraulic motor. The pump is attached to a motor through bellhousing and flexible coupling, and is protected through double filtration, sight glass, and filler/breather. The machine allows for the removal of the rope take-up drum and can be divided to remove the rope. Brackets, and the winch can be moved and positioned to various positions for when the machine is being transported and when it is being used.

A second version of the product also exists, Enhanced Electric start SIdeWinder, which provides additional features to increase usability. On this enhanced edition, electric key start is available for the commercial Honda motor with the controls being placed further away from movable pulling lines. There are also additional power outputs that can be utilized during different types of operations: hydraulic dewatering pumps, Tornado Fiber Optic. 

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