GMP’s Fiber Blowing Machine line consists of the latest tools and technology to help you and your team get the job done. Check out some of our products below and make sure to check out our full list of fiber optic blowing machines on our website.

JetStream Cable Blowing Machine

With great performance and reliability of hydraulic drive, the JetStream will keep your cables protected. The JetStream is adjustable to fit a wide range of cable diameters, holding 6-20 mm. and 10-50 mm. duct diameters. There are also optional belts for cable diameters ranging from  4-16 mm. The JetStream is equipped with an electronic monitoring system, designed for speed and distance, preventing duct obstructions. The double drive belt system is powered by a single 32 cc hydraulic motor with a supplied power pack with oil cooler. You will never want to go back to your old cable blowing machine once you try the JetStream.

The Tornado Cable Blowing Machine

Worried about damaging cables? The Tornado’s electronic monitoring system reads speed and distance to protect your cables. Its expanded capacity now includes large 34mm, high density or high fiber count cables. The Tornado is made of an aluminum air box and cable pusher, which is mounted on a steel frame that can be tilted to a 30 degree angle to the manhole and has a  maximum pushing force of 100kg. Never worry about damaged cables again with the Tornado!

Whisper Cable Blowing Machine

Perfect for internal and external use, the Whisper’s compact size and portability makes this a perfect blowing machine. This cable blower uses compressed air to install the cable. The Whisper allows you to make quick and easy component changes for cable and duct sizes,  installing cable diameters of 3-8.5mm at a cable speed of up to 300 ft/min.

Hurricane Cable Blowing Machine

The Hurricane Cable Blowing Machine, backed by the latest technology, provides precise control of speed and torque using servo controls. This cable blower maximizes protection for your micro cables with a pushing force of 90 lbs. The Hurricane has a cable size of 2.5-14mm and duct size of 5-25mm. With great features such as low maintenance and high reliability, it’s easy to see why the Hurricane is a great cable blowing machine to have.