Fiber optic cable placing is helping to lead the 5G industry. However, placing these cables can be a challenging task when the proper accessories and equipment are absent. At GMP, we are the leading providers of reliable equipment that can aid you in installing fiber cable effectively. The benefits of fiber optic include higher security and performance, as well as water and temperature resistance. Our diverse product line consists of many fiber optic products and equipment that bridge the gap between affordable solutions and easy installation. Keep on reading to find out which one fits your unique needs.




Also called the “bicycle wheel”, our new sheave and shackle can facilitate the special handling needs of pulling fiber optic cable. With lightweight aluminum construction and sturdy design, you can remain confident that your cable will not be damaged. Furthermore, the sheave provides a generous bending radius for fiber optic cable up to .6 in. diameter, which accommodates overhead application. We take pride in the integrity of the sheave and shackle, because all components are permanently attached, decreasing concerns about loose or lost parts. 



Our Fiber optic shackle is the ideal product to mount up to two Fiber Optic Quadrants or a single Fiber Optic Split Sheave for the convenience of cable placement. On your end, you have to ensure that it remains secured to the pulling irons for maximum efficiency. One special advantage is that it is lightweight, but can also load up to 3000 lbs. Regarding the design, the shackle contains two U shaped members with an individual swiveling safety hook on each end that are joined by a special bushing. Moreover, a knurled knob is attached to the shackle, which allows easy removal even when there is a continuous cable running through the shackle.



Manufactured with expanded capacity, the Tornado Cable Blowing Machine can work with high density or high fiber count cables. With the added perks of being resilient, safe, and fast, it can help you install fiber optic cable into pre-installed inner-duct or direct buried inner-duct. The machine includes an aluminum air-box and cable pusher, which both help install the cable with or without a missile. Another great capability is the hydraulically powered belt drive system, which can control your fiber optic cable as it is pushed by compressed air through the inner-duct. Probably the most advanced feature of the machine is the electronic monitoring system, which offers real-time data of speed and distance, informs and protects against cable damage, and includes an emergency button.



Our SideWinder Trailer-Mounted Fiver Optic Puller was designed to respond to the difficult requirements of installing underground telecommunications cables by using a 32 in. diameter capstan. The valuable purpose of the single capstan is to apply a controlled force to pulling rope or tape and to enable longer pulls. One important feature of this trailer is the user-friendly operation it offers. The spring-centered lever has the ability to control the direction of the capstan and the detented lever can engage the take-drum drive. You can easily pull the unit with a standard pickup truck since it weighs 1400 lbs. Our Enhanced Electric start SideWinder provides some extra benefits to ease the cable pulling process as well. The electric key start GX390 Honda Engine safely places all controls away from the moving pulling line. Find out more about these added features in our Operation and Maintenance Manual (pull start)

 and in the Operation and Maintenance Manual (electric start).



You can apply our reliable and lightweight aluminum capstans as end pullers or mid-assist booster pullers that allow long, straight through, splice-free pulls. With durable construction and maximum productivity, you can remain confident about these aluminum alloy units’ longevity. 

You can mount our capstan units on a standard 2 7/16 in. (62mm) diameter drive shaft using a bayonet or a cross pin type of integration. The capstans’ large working diameter serves various purposes, with the most significant one relating to the flexibility of pulling the rope, tape, or fiber optic cable with great speed. We can calibrate the product to other torque values upon request. The safest and easiest way to re-calibrate the unit is to return it to the factory, where experienced mechanics will evaluate performance and determine areas of damage.


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