Make sure your blowing machines are in top condition with our 400CFM Compressor Aftercooler! This piece of equipment is specifically designed to cool compressed air and remove water droplets prior to entering one of our cable blowing machines. Keep reading below to learn more about this piece and the Tornado, one of our blowing machines this aftercooler can be paired with.

400CFM Compressor Aftercooler: Features and Specifications

Completely self-contained and packaged in a construction skid with a lifting bail and expanded metal heat exchanger guard, our 400CFM Compressor Aftercooler features a heavy-duty moisture separator with a manual drain for the removal of trapped moisture and condensed oil. Keep reading below to learn more about this piece’s features and specifications.


Boss Outlet Fitting (Boss 28)Optional 1-micron coalescing filter
Inlet Fittings (1 – ½ in. pipe)Adaptable stand-alone or tongue-mount design
13-foot power cord with alligator clipsAvailable in either 12 or 24-volt versions


Length24 in. (610 mm)
Width44 in. (1118 mm)
Height30 in. (762 mm)
Weight170 lbs. (77 kg)
Fan Power Requirements9 A, 24 VDC or 18 A, 12 VDC
Max Working Pressure200 psi (13.9 bar)
Max Air Compressor Flow Rate400 cfm (11M³/Min) 
Air Hose ConnectionsOutput: Boss 28; Input 1-½ in. Pipe

Tornado Cable Blowing Machine

One of our blowing machines that pair well with the 400 CFM Compressor Aftercooler is the Tornado Blowing Machine. The Tornado is designed to be safe, fast, and effective, installing fiber optic cable into pre-installed innerduct or direct buried innerduct. Its hydraulically powered belt drive system controls the fiber optic cables as it is propelled by compressed air through an innerduct. This unit also comes with high-density fiber capability, retractable handles around the frame to allow for easy mobility, adjustable rear legs providing added stability, and a gasoline engine-powered hydraulic power pack. Now with a newly expanded capacity, the Tornado is even able to accommodate large, high density or high fiber count cables. You can learn more about the Tornado and our bundles available with this product here.