We have a wide variety of cable blocks that ensure your aerial installation can be done snag free. Not only are the products durable and wellmade, but they help you get the job done without breaking the budget of your next project.  Which block is right for your site? Read on to find out. 

NEW RELEASE:  Econo Cable Block

Our latest addition, this rugged model is perfect for installing cable quickly, thanks to its easy clip-on design. It’s shape also prevents compatible lashing machines from riding over the unit. It can be used to install cable up to 1”, including fiber optics.

Cable Block with Rubber Roller

While this is our most simple model, the Cable Block with Rubber Roller is far from basic. The “V” notch in the rubber can accommodate cables up to 2”, making it very versatile in all your new strand and overlash work. It is both affordable and lightweight. 


Cable Block with Aluminum Roller

Similar to the previous model, this cable block is ideal for projects where you’re looking for a more weather resistant installation. Able to accommodate cables up to 2”, this block features a rotating gate and spring-loaded strand retaining pin, making loading and clearing lashed cables simple. 

Pole Mount Block

The Pole Mount Block is a sturdy solution for your installation needs. It is capable of holding up to 50 lbs of cable. This product can help you lash around most poles as it is compatible with fiber-optics, self-support or copper cables. You can also fashion this unit with a rubber roller, should you prefer a smoother process that can withstand abuse.


Multi Sheave Cable Block

Available in three sheaves and four sheaves blocks, this tool is great for when you’re looking to lash multiple cables at once. The three sheaves are beneficial when you need triplex cables, and can hold up to three 2 ½ in”, while the four sheave can hold four cables up to 1 ½” in diameter. Both models are made of solid aluminum alloy that can withstand heat and bearings and allow the cables to move with ease. 


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