At GMP, our diverse product line is manufactured by industry experts, who prioritize quality, safety and ease of use. One of the tools that is recognizable from our product library for its effectiveness is the ZIDS Tool, Innerduct slitter. Powered by a rigid structure, our ZIDS tool facilitates duct splitting activities and provides ultimate protection for the fiber inside. Moreover, it is lightweight and convenient to carry, allowing for sturdy control and easy fiber removal. 

Our duct slitter’s greatest ability is how effortlessly and quickly it can cut through duct walls. Other features that make it a valuable tool pertain to its diameter and cutting efforts. The primary characteristic that distinguishes it from other duct splitters is the 5/16” cutting diameter. Additionally, it is capable of cutting ducts with wall thickness up to ½”.  Another advantage that makes it a valuable investment is the ability to cut in any direction and with a high speed of up to 25,000 RPM. Lastly, a feature that is a testament to its resilient structure and design is the protective nature of the product that prevents fiber damage. 


Other benefits that the ZIDS Tool offers include:


  • It can cut a 5/16” channel through the duct, allowing easier spreading.
  • It can complete the job with accelerated speed, saving a great amount of time. It performs 5 times faster compared to traditional duct cutting methods.
  • It makes cutting a 20’ duct a effortless.

We recommend using a router to streamline the process, which can be corded or cordless. Our high-performance inner duct splitter works with most ¼ routers. It is available through a variety of distributors in the US and Canada. Make sure to check out this product and our other offerings, alongside with our purchasing options here. We also accompany our product offerings with easy tutorials, providing accurate representations of the implementation of our tools. You can find the ZIDS Tool tutorial here.


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